Friday, May 29, 2009

Great video on YouTube - Klavan on Culture

This is a great video on YouTube:


Windows 7 - Day 25

Updating the "Send To:" options in the context menu.

To update your "Send To:", run through the following steps:

  • Open Windows Explorer either with or hit type "Windows Explorer" and hit
  • Do the step above again to open a second Windows Explorer window
  • Drill into the folder you want to create as a short cut for the "Send To:" menu in the first Windows Explorer window
  • In the second Windows Explorer window, click in the address bar and type: "shell:sendto"
  • Press
  • With the mouse "Right click and drag" the destination folder from the first Windows Explorer window into second Windows Explorer window
  • Release the mouse button in the second window
  • When the context menu opens where you released the mouse, select "Create Shortcut Here"

Repeat the steps above to create more "Send to:" options.

I ran through this in order to update and move some music files I had spread across my computer. These were music files that I wanted to correlate by a high-level genre identifier folders (Hip-Hop, Rock, Soft, R&B, etc.). Going through the steps above allowed me to copy the files into the higher level folders through the "Send To:" option.

Hope this helps someone out there....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oil prices and speculation

I am not a big fan of 60 Minutes, but this is a great report:

The "article" is a transcript of the video/story.

The people that set the price for gas and promote the fluxuation of prices need to be hung by their toenails.

My experience of gas prices over the last few weeks:

  • - 4 weeks ago, gas was at 1.88/gallon
  • - 3 weeks ago, gas hit 1.97/gallon
  • - 2 weeks ago, gas jumped over 2.20/gallon
  • - 1 week ago, 2.39/gallon
  • - Today, 2.59/gallon

What happens is that the gas price jumps up $0.20 for a few days then drops $0.12 or so. A few days later, gas jumps again $0.20 but then comes down $0.10-$0.15 cents. Over time, this results in gas prices being higher with no real reason outside of …. I guess demand increases during the summer months. But production of gas is controlled by those who define the supply. They generate the need of demand by stimulating stories of demand increasing.

And let’s not get started on “oil swaps”…

Related items
Here's a graphicaly breakdown of the energy commodities (from:

Here's the today's crude futures:

Windows 7 - Day 23

Day 23 of my experience with Windows 7...

Quick observations:
  • Search functionality is really working out well. I have been searching through on how to find all files in a directory. In an effort to figure out some complex searches, I found this article on the Advanced Query Syntax (AQS) from Microsoft:

Now, I realize this dates back to Windows Search 2 or 3, so the functionality exists within Windows Desktop Search(es) and Vista. However, other issues on Vista and being an avid Linux user, the advanced syntax commands didn't really interest me. Now that I am on my 4th week of Win7, getting deeper into the framework, constructs, and designs of Windows desktop software interests me more.

My use case around this is determining a decent way to find non-music files in a directory to clear out old JPG, M3U, etc., files to keep the data clean. By following the instructions on the webpage, I came up with this search in Windows Explorer:

NOT *.mp3 kind:NOT folders

I'll have to be selective on the deletes (lucky for the Recycle Bin), but this at least separates the MP3 files from other file types as well as removes "folders" from the output.

More to come... back to house cleaning on my drives.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

WTF moment on the web

I frequent for various computer parts and bits. I have been looking for a new powered USB hub and jumped over to newegg for a quick stroll.

I found this little guy:

I looked at the description and specification page to make sure the USB hub was 1.0-2.0 compatible. Now for the WTF moment... from the spec page:

FeaturesOrigin Country: China
Accord with USB 2.0 specification , and downward inclusive USB 1.1/1.0 of the standard specifications
Having supported the voltage and electric current in the twinkling of an eye to protect the function in year, the load of the electric current protects and prevents the electricity from stopping causing and damaging.
Is it insert with and hot to insert and draw the function promptly at the same time to support.
Light small and exquisite help the commercial affair hand-carry while going on business.
USB concentrator in a four ports can fetch the electricity to use from the computer independently. (Mini USB concentrator lets you increase the peripheral equipment on the note type computer whenever and wherever possible. )
Can USB join port supply power directly , exempt using the voltage transformer.
Can another outer DC power transformer of 5V too.
Use the voltage: 5 volts.
Power consumptive power: 2.5 amperes.

Systematic demand: Inclusive operating system: WindowME,2000, XP, Mac OS8.6, 9XX, the edition after Mac OS X 10.1.3
This must be from a bad translation.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Windows 7 - Day (I think) 16

Things are still going VERY well with W7. The PC froze once... but I was doing a ton of stuff...

- disk defrag
- Windows Defender checking
- Virtualization (on the disk I was defragging)
- and downloading some Android software

I have tried to replicate the same steps, scenario, and options... but it has not happened again.

As far as any new features, etc., I have not hit anything new. The snip tool ( was really the last thing...

Cupcake - G1 Day, well, after one day

So far... I have only ONCE had to fully reboot (power off, power on) the 1.5 cupcake OS (?) since updating the phone.

The restart was more to do with me shutting down a ton of applications through 'Advanced Task Manager lite'. The 'End All' option... should be used only (ONLY!) when you are ready for some instability.

That makes sense to, be careful when just forcing applications to shutdown.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Cupcake" is tasty!

The Android 1.5 update is now loaded on my G1 HTC Dream phone... and man, this is sweet!

So far:
  • Application to application movement and switching is more swift and fluid
  • The on-screen keyboard is very handy. Unfortunately, I can only use it with some degree of accuracy in landscape orientation. Portrait just doesn't work for my thick digits.
  • The system buttons have a better look... more polished. This includes the notification icons, etc.
  • Flip orientation... this is what I was waiting for and a big winner in my book. The application changing orientation based on what I am doing with the phone. Yes... thank you!
For this update... items I will be tracking:
  • Battery life - in 1.0 and 1.1, this SUCKED! Anyone with a G1 knows what I am talking about.
  • Lack of default T-Mobile applications - will there be any issues with some default TMO applications not present?

The next big winner for me will be WPA Enterprise.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This is why I'm fine with the Friday purge

I'm not sure who thought it would be a good idea to MOVE THE FRIDGE full of food to a conference room... and then clean it out with multiple products. I'm guessing two high-level managers couldn't agree and sent it to committee.

This may be a new reason to call in ill... "Yeah, boss. Sorry about this but the smell from my co-workers lunch is, well, just too much."

Perhaps this is a call for Paul Blart...

Monday, May 11, 2009

G1 - Cupcake Update

Google Android

I am awaiting - with grand anticipation - the Android 1.5 firmware update.

I have had the G1 for about 3 months now and love it. Friends have given it the nickname of "precious". It fits.

Windows 7 - Snip Tool just might push me over the EDGE

The snipping tool (found in Vista and XP Tablet edition) is probably the one tool that might be the show-stoppa when it comes to Windows usage. If this sucker was in XP Pro, I would have more interest in staying with that OS.

Keep in mind, I use the OneNote screen-clip function a TON. But the basic ability to launch this quick little tool and save JPEGs - natively, quickly, built-in - is fantastical!

I thoroughly enjoy this little sucka!

Windows 7 - Day 4. Er, Day 5

Mother's Day was yesterday and I promised myself between doting over my wife and the all day marathon of House, MD., on USA, I was not going to spend time on the computer. So, no day 4.

Onward and upward... Day 5...

Interesting little tidbit with Gmail and IE8. If I change the theme (from anything to anything), then the Inbox works just fine. Otherwise, my stuff's broke and I default back over to FF. Here are some screen shots of my ordeal.


Just straight up annoying... and non-functioning. Here is a snip of the bottom Inbox section:

After I change the theme (from Settings-> Themes) from the Gmail UI:

But this ONLY works during my session. Once I restart IE8, my issue returns:

It doesn't matter which theme I use and only happens in IE8. Also, this only appears to happen in the IE8 on Windows 7 as my XP IE8 installation is not behaving in this manner. A big difference in the two OSes is W7 is x86_64 and WinXP is x86.

I am not sure that blame belongs with Windows 7, yet. It could certainly be contained within:
  • how Gmail is presenting information to the IE8 code base on Windows 7 x86_64
  • IE8's rendering in the x86_64 build
  • an RC issue within Windows 7 that doesn't handle certain AJAX/Web 2.0/new fangled widget

I haven't gone through to turn on/off new features and functionality within Gmail - I like to turn on the toys. But that seems hardly the solution - turn off the new features and enhancements that make the software more useful (IMO) so that the solution actually works as intended... since this behavior is limited to IE8 on W7 and no other browser - I also confirmed Google Chrome is happy - I am not going to go through the trouble of attempting to determine root cause. I simply don't care if this site doesn't work in IE8 on x86_64 W7. <<>>

Heck, I use FF w/ IE Tab more than anything else anyway...

Looking forward to Day 6...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Windows 7 - Day 3

I may have finally found the "break" in this OS... but I will need to check in IE 8 on my XP box first.

The issue is Gmail. The drop down menus are rendered in the wrong spots and my email is not updating in IE 8. I have downloaded Chrome and Firefox to see if the issue persists. Also, speed tests show my upload speed @ an amazing, blazing 43Mbps.

I don't think this is possible from a (my) consumer cable line.. but you never know. Maybe Comcast is being more giving these days.

More tests to follow.

Friday, May 8, 2009

White House town hall meetings for credit cards... ?

From the article

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters on Friday that Obama will focus on legislation and urge lawmakers to "get something done on an issue of tremendous importance to middle class families.

"For many people credit cards provide an opportunity to finance purchases," Gibbs said. "But we think there's a more equitable way to do that and I think that those reforms are on their way through Congress."

The "equitable way" is to SAVE FOR YOUR PURCHASES! Don't ring up debt you CAN'T pay for and then use money that's borrowed.

Meeting adjourned...

Windows 7 - Day 2

So far, so good.

Pinned Applications
Ok - the pinned application section in the task bar... is... freakin'... cool!

Not only is it at the window level, but for Internet Explorer, the tabs are displayed individually.

Search Apps
And one thing that my boy Donn brought up starting back in Vista was the "Start and Type" search functionality. I use Launchy in my XP machines for the same features/functions. In Windows 7, the search results are expanded. The term "virtual" gives me options from Internet Explorer, the Virtualbox application, and the Virtual machines within Windows 7 - such as the "free" Windows XP machine.

The extra wallpapers are really nice.

It's about time more (free) themes are readily available for Windows 7 directly from MS.

I'll keep trying... but I will keep seeking the fault. It ain't wrong.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Windows 7 - Day 1

After downloading and burning the x64 edition of Windows 7, I believe, more and more, that the UI is influenced - if not derived - from KDE.

Thus far, I am really enjoying the task bar pinned applications.

Tomorrow, I am going to get the Live adapter setup to share my media - specifically my music.

A daily touchpoint may be in order...

Free Mac OS X

In light of the Windows 7 + Free XP Virtual Machine, perhaps a decent approach for Mac OS X would be to offer up a 90 day virtual machine of the operating system. Perhaps, limited to Virtualbox as a single image download.

I bring this up as the opportunity to "test drive" Mac OS X for a specific period of time AND have the full functionality of that operating system during the specified time period would allow those, like myself, the chance to go further than the local Mac store for interacting with the OS.

Basically, hook me with the freebie... otherwise, will I ever REALLY know what I am missing but not having Mac OS X?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Free sh-it edition

Some of my favorite and commonly used software that

A) Works
B) Is free

There are plenty more... and some will follow.

System Utilities

Anti-virus (free edition)

Disk Defrag

CD/DVD Burning

Zip/Archive Utility


Media Player

I am torn between




Who's moving the line?

As I get older, I find myself wondering if I moved or did the line move?

I ask this as I feel as though someone, somewhere is moving the line moreso than I am shifting my views around the world and the US in general.

Wow... This theme SUCKS!

.... at handling text and word-wrap.


And I did so much enjoy the color spread.

In today's episode: I want one of two things...

I want one of two things... my own Capital One "image card" or... Zach Braff money. Now Zach probably doesn't make crazy-dope kinda "dolla-dolla-bill-y'all" money, but it may be enough to keep certain government officials from pointing their greedy finger(s) at me... whilst, at the same time, being able to front like "I got the money, if you got the time".