Friday, May 8, 2009

Windows 7 - Day 2

So far, so good.

Pinned Applications
Ok - the pinned application section in the task bar... is... freakin'... cool!

Not only is it at the window level, but for Internet Explorer, the tabs are displayed individually.

Search Apps
And one thing that my boy Donn brought up starting back in Vista was the "Start and Type" search functionality. I use Launchy in my XP machines for the same features/functions. In Windows 7, the search results are expanded. The term "virtual" gives me options from Internet Explorer, the Virtualbox application, and the Virtual machines within Windows 7 - such as the "free" Windows XP machine.

The extra wallpapers are really nice.

It's about time more (free) themes are readily available for Windows 7 directly from MS.

I'll keep trying... but I will keep seeking the fault. It ain't wrong.

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desktophero said...


Here's something. Since I am running Windows 7 64 bit, Google Chrome requires (at least for now) an extra command line switch added to the Chrome start menu icon


Chrome is working after this without an issues (for the last 15 minutes).