Friday, May 29, 2009

Windows 7 - Day 25

Updating the "Send To:" options in the context menu.

To update your "Send To:", run through the following steps:

  • Open Windows Explorer either with or hit type "Windows Explorer" and hit
  • Do the step above again to open a second Windows Explorer window
  • Drill into the folder you want to create as a short cut for the "Send To:" menu in the first Windows Explorer window
  • In the second Windows Explorer window, click in the address bar and type: "shell:sendto"
  • Press
  • With the mouse "Right click and drag" the destination folder from the first Windows Explorer window into second Windows Explorer window
  • Release the mouse button in the second window
  • When the context menu opens where you released the mouse, select "Create Shortcut Here"

Repeat the steps above to create more "Send to:" options.

I ran through this in order to update and move some music files I had spread across my computer. These were music files that I wanted to correlate by a high-level genre identifier folders (Hip-Hop, Rock, Soft, R&B, etc.). Going through the steps above allowed me to copy the files into the higher level folders through the "Send To:" option.

Hope this helps someone out there....

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