Friday, April 3, 2009

People who know, know I am a Bears fan

After the announcement of the Bears trading some draft picks and Orton to Denver for Cutler, I have finally ready a post from a source showing that, for the long haul, this deal is NOT A BAD ONE for the Bears.

Cutler, age 25, is a Pro Bowler... a statistical accomplishment that Orton would not make in Chicago... and can be again... and again... and again. For the NFC.

Let's look at what the NFC posted for Pro Bowl QBs in 2008 -
  • Arizona Cardinals QB Kurt Warner - ok. I think I would be in contention with the receiver corp to work with in AZ.
  • Drew Brees - yeah, the number of yards, etc., WTF?
  • Eli - I am a little sick and tired of hearing how "golden boy" this cat is in the grand scheme.
Now, the Bears NEED a receiver... a real number one... to provide Cutler with that specific threat to make sure that point are on the board. This will allow the defense to get aggressive and go for the extra interception or sack.

As a Bears fan, the next great thing would be to pull a trade for a Fitzgerald caliber receiver. That would be the end all of the be all to the greatest offensive season in recent (read 40+ years) of Bears history.

What are your thoughts on the trade? Next steps for the Bears?

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