Saturday, April 25, 2009

Why did we decide to put these fools in charge?

It is interesting times we live in when a local auto dealer's radio commercial uses the Presidents name and the US Government to guarantee the auto warranty. Did anyone ever think it would come to this?

Look, I will concede to Bush haters that he did some funny stuff and made some mistakes. Nobody is perfect, we all do that. But to have a President's name invoked in an auto dealer commercial almost seems a bit comical and below the Office of the Presidency. I know it isn't Obama doing it but it is his decisions that feed the idea for the commercial.

And that is the most important thing. President Obama's decisions since he has taken office have been dreadful. Look at all the bad appointments and waffling decisions. Here is a quick list:

Appointing numerous tax cheats
Floating the idea of having war vet's personal insurance pay their medical for war related injuries
Releasing the so-called "torture" memos
Shaking hands with Hugo Chavez
Telling Turkey we are not a christian nation
Bowing to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
Napolitano calling vets possible terrorists
Hillary's reset button
Saying that the US invented the automobile

The list could go on and on but I think I made my point. Why have as a nation decided to put these folks in charge? Seriously, this is getting embarrassing to watch. And what is even worse is how the media pushes how good of a job Obama is doing. I will just start calling him bumbling Obama.

Here is a funny video I found. I personally think it would be worse than this if the government was running the auto warranty department.

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desktophero said...

Ok... damn. That was funny. I think you can swap out health care with auto care in this and not lose any context.