Friday, March 20, 2009

Reid: Obama casino rule "nonsensical"

Snip of a letter from Sen. Harry Reid to President Obama
"A couple of specific examples are illustrative of the problems caused by the overly broad language. The Department of Justice-Office on Violence Against Women's Transition Housing Assistance Program offers funding to provide victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking supportive services such as short-term housing assistance. In many Nevada rural communities the only hotel rooms available are in casinos. The overly broad restriction deprives victims of a safe place away from their attackers."

Nevada rural communities is not specifically defined to a location, but the following search shows 4 pages of searches with "+hotels -casinos Las Vegas NV".

Link to Map

Why not have the funds go towards establishing better shelters - or new shelters - if there is THAT much of a need to support various activities that normally are only designated as "casino" activities.

Another snip...
"...which has created a unique environment in which hotel/casino complexes are often the most appropriate venue for certain activities, particularly holding public events such as community outreach events, Parent Teacher Association meetings, domestic violence trainings, and other workshops."

Can't these meetings be held in schools, churches, and the like.

Another search for "+meeting -casinos las vegas nv" (LINK) shows 5,000+ locations.

There are so many other options that don't require the involvement or intervention of the casinos. What would the supposed people he is looking after have done without this stimulus money? Keep the money that can be used for casino based meetings and subsidize additional meetings in non-casino venues.

Done. Everyone is happy.

Next topic.

Now I know what these guys feel like


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