Monday, March 16, 2009

Save the newspapers?

I was reading through the following article and found myself curious about the intent and breadth of the nationalization of every industry unable to shift with the economic times and wondered, yet again, "Where's my bail-out?"

I started with the understanding of how my wife and I started in our holy matrimony and what steps have resulted in a vast change to the way we use the newspaper.

WAAAYYY back in the day, my wife would buy multiple newspapers, specifically Wednesday and Sunday, in order to accumulate multiple coupon offerings.

As we moved forward with technology, we were no longer burdened with requiring an actual coupon to save $.25 on a box of mac-n-cheese. The grocery stores were able to move their sales to a key fob type setup where either through the off-shoot coupon or the key chain store card, we were able to save a bunch on the "sale" items.

Technology plays an important piece in the newspaper landscape. The main intent, from my understanding, is to provide the news in written form and report on events from the last 24 hours. The hard copy newspaper is simply outdated and archaic.

Until recently, I was limited to only MY COMPUTER to be able to log into any newspaper website and peruse the articles and see information about what is going on in that entities community - regardless of size. This can include national newspapers - like U.S. Today or the local scribe, the Star Tribune. All of that being said, even for the bus, I haven't bought a newspaper in over five years.


One reason is that cellular companies have migrated the need for paper news to bits and bytes. Also, the same stories on on the digital version of many newspapers and magazines. I now get PC World via a link from my email. I no longer receive a hard copy version... I am fine with that. It saves me cleaning the old copies off of the back of the toilet.

Speaking of bathroom reading: Now that I have swung over to the G1 from T-Mobile (friends say I am ADDICTED!!), what is the point of a printed newspaper. Worse yet... NAY, a better question... WHY attempt to save the newspaper if that newspaper is not able to create a 21st century business model that keeps them equitable and contemporary? What is the intent behind Pelosi's drive?

Oh wait - it's left wing... correct? And in her district?

2009 Newspapers Filing Bankruptcy

Philadelphia Inquirer
Philadelphia Daily News

Star Tribune (in Minneapolis)

Now, the article starts "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, worried about the fate of The Chronicle and other financially struggling newspapers...", but never discusses what other entities SHE is worried about.

Can someone... anyone... provide what SHE is attempting to do for the greater good and position herself as a respected Speaker of the House? Outside of picking and choosing what hometown businesses to attempt to save by making use of her title and influence. I thought the left saved that for right wingers.

And yeah, I take my G1 to the shitter. Never know when you are going to be in there longer than the norm and need a little brick-breaker to pass the time. Go F^&$# yourself...


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