Saturday, May 17, 2008

Now is the time to ask

Now is the time to ask does our government have our best interest at hand? Does our government actually represent the people of this great nation? I say no. I say this for numerous reasons and most of those reasons are quite obvious. We do not see our government moving to a position of oil independence. We do not see our government confronting nations that act in an irrational manner. We do not see our government actively finding ways to protect it's citizens.

So now is the time to question those that lead us. Now is the time to realize that many of our representatives are only it in for the money. Now is the time to hold people responsible for the their decisions.

We need to start demanding term limits. We need to make sure our judges understand that they are not in a position to legislate from the bench but to interpret law. We need to raise up and say, "We are the government of the people and the decisions that the government makes will be based on the will of the people and not for political expediency." That argument starts here and with the people.

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