Friday, May 9, 2008

Fuji FinePix S700

I am not a big fan of spending money on technology - at full retail. I just can't do it. The last camera purchase I made (this Fuji) was at a local discount retail outlet with a 'bullseye' for a logo. Between a couple of discount coupons, clearance pricing, and open-box-this-is-the-last-one pricing, I was able to pick this guy up for under 90.00 USD. i am still seeing this thing around for ~$200 USD.

I have purchased 2 digital cameras in my life - a Canon something-or-other point and shoot and this Fuji FinePix.

Now, the two cameras are not comparable. The Canon was a couple of years old but for the time, was full featured for a mid-to-low end point and shoot. But wow, this FinePix is extremely nice. More features than I thought I would really deal with - perhaps too many...?

Anyway, I recommend this camera if you are looking for something a little more than a basic point and shoot but not ready for the (D)SLR jump.

  • Fast shutter speed (for me)
  • Auto mode takes care of you (for the most part)
  • Ease of use with one hand (for me, again)
  • LCD or eye view for display


  • Flash is built in
  • USB connection is not USB "B"...yet another USB cable to worry about
  • I have to show all files (including system files) in order to see the media when connected to my Windows XP - I will be trying this on my Ubuntu machine later

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