Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Windows 7 - Reimage AGAIN!

I was running fine, happy, content with RC1. Until, for no apparent reason, I ended up with a new BSOD: bad pool header

I let the physical image dump take place and then started the reboot process. But alas, I was presented with some pretty interesting error messages.

First things first: the BSOD. Here's the google search: LINK

Not the end of the world... but the crap storm after the reboot was... um... interesting. I was not able to WRITE to any partitions or drives on my computer. This includes USB external and being able to burn a CD/DVD. Yeah - when I tried to access the CD/DVD to burn an ISO image, I was informed, via dialog box, that I would need to contact the "system administrator" as this functionality is not available.

My dilemma was getting my saved files to a USB drive in order to wipe the laptop drive... if I had to go that far. See, I formatted two partitions on the laptop drive as exFAT... which meant that my dumb butt made 1/2 a 160 GB drive unavailable to other OSes. Bummer. Prior to remembering the exFAT piece, I went after some Ubuntu bits...

After installing Ubuntu 9.1 Alpha 2 64b on the laptop and then remembering the exFAT issue, I am back to W7RC1.

I'm glad I didn't put anything down on the W7 upgrade early edition....

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