Monday, June 15, 2009

Windows 7 Debacle

I have been pushing through the issues I have had recently with Windows 7 ... nothing major, just pains.

Four days ago, Windows 7 decides to just start randomly locking up... no mention in the Event Log, no errors on the screen, no "Windows did not shutdown correctly..." after a hard shutdown. And occasionally, USB Plug-n-Play would just stop working leaving me with media on an external drive but unable to load any of it. So much for the usage of Windows Media Center.

Now, I know this is an RC so I am not complaining as much as commenting.

We'll try re-image number 3 today to see how long I can go again...


Jason said...

What type of hardware are you running? I was thinking about trying Win 7 out on my old Dell but it just meets the system requirements.

desktophero said...

Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.20 G
4 GB of RAM

Running Windows 7 64 bit

desktophero said...

I reimaged and have thus far been okay. I have not done anything strange or weird.

One item to note on the new image... no virt software. No windows 7, no virtualbox, no vmware...

We'll go a few days and then try Windows VPC... and then move forward.