Saturday, January 31, 2009

Windows 7 - More Aesthetics

I have been using Windows 7, off and on, since the download was made available earlier this month. The new bells and features seem to make the operating system show some new prowess. However, any of the issues I had before with Vista drivers, I am now having issues in Windows 7.

Amazingly, my cell phone actually charges when plugged into Windows XP SP2 after installing the Sprint software. (The same cell phone has always worked just fine on any Linux distribution)

Windows XP - works after install

Vista - not so much.

Windows 7 - even worse.

I will say that the attempts to update Notepad and Paint are, well, ok. Some of the features are actually pretty nice. The docking taskbar, with links for Internet Explorer, WMP, and Windows Explorer, is a nice improvement. Also, User Account Control (UAC) is less intrusive and objectionable (to me, at least).

The upside -
All of my laptop drivers were detected and installed without an issue. (This is another wonderful piece of Linux, :). Also, the new KDE feel of the default UI is pleasing to me. I wonder if Gnome-like desktop is an option...?

No plans to reimage the laptop for now...


desktophero said...

As soon as I closed my browser post my last blog, this happened on Windows 7:


desktophero said...

I have decided to jump back over to Firefox. IE8 is just... well. Not yet ready for prime time?