Friday, June 13, 2008

Smoking ban - what's next?

I have been tobacco free for 14 months now so I get the "we don't want smoking" blah blah blah. I enjoy going out to the bars with no smoking - no complaints from me. I DO NOT agree with the government edict making smoking in public places illegal. I am a free market kind of guy and feel commerce exchange will take care of pretty much everything in the public space where supply and demand come into play. I have always believed that government getting involved in such things would evolve (or it is devolve???) on a slippery slope and make cause for pundits in the anti-smoking establishment to take hold of any thing they can control.

Here is the next step:

I wish these folks would spend time on important plastic that will actual breakdown in landfills or cat litter that actually absorbs the stink from my cats' butts.

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